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Tickled Gin
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Our Ciders 


The slow fermentation so our cider captures the natural flavours and aromas with a fresh apple taste. In the New Year, this changes when the malolactic fermentation starts in Spring, giving the final intense refreshing flavours.


Downham BOB:

Award-winning Cider for 2022, created originally in 2019.  A refreshing sweet cider with a distinctive rustic apple aroma on the nose, followed by a short burst of tannins coming through, with a slightly bitter end. A must-try to give your tongue a workout! 5.5% ABV


Available in:

30 litres Keg

20 litres bag in box.

5 litres bag in box.


Downham Tickle:

Our first Cider was made in 2012.  A medium cider made using three varieties of apples which gives a mature crisp-tasting cider. This one is best served chilled. 4% ABV


Available in:

20 litres bag in box.

500ml bottled cider is available in cases of 12 x 500ml bottles.


Stray Horse Cider:

A light and long-lasting flavour from bittersweet apples resulting in a medium-dry cider. 5% ABV


Available in:

20 litres bag in box.

5 litres bag in box.

500ml bottled cider is available in cases of 12 x 500ml 

Jonagold SV:

A cider with a golden haze and the apple taste is unwrapped in your mouth. Aged for two years, the taste is rich with sweet fruit. We only make this cider in a year when the fruit is really good. 4% ABV. (Please check with us for availability)


Available in:

20 litres bag in box.

5 litres bag in box.



Made for the Railway Arms in 2016. A rustic cider made with bittersweet apples with a slightly sweet taste and a dry finish. 6.8% ABV


Available in:

20 litres bag in the box.

5 litres bag in box.


Mulled Cider:

A sweet, spicy aroma with cinnamon, star anise and orange with a long warm aftertaste. 3.8% ABV


Available in:

20 litres bag in box.



Downham Cider Story.

Our aim is to create a traditional crafted cider made from 100% locally grown apples slowly matured for a great taste. 

In 2014 we decided to take a big step and bring our traditional crafted cider to the public in the form of Downham Tickle. Downham Tickle was brought to life in the Railway Arms Pub in 2013 with help from Ian the landlord who encouraged me to make more cider and Sophie my daughter who came up with the name.  Our cider is only made once a year in the Autumn when the apples have ripened and as luck would have it, 2014 was a good year. Since that time we have developed a variety of ciders. We continue to only use locally sourced apples. We don’t add anything else in our cider. We simply press the apples and let wild yeasts work its magic and allow the crisp, fresh and refreshing flavour to develop. 

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Ely's Apple Day 

7th Oct 

Palace Green & Cross Green 

celebrate with use.


Stow Hall Apple Day 

8th Oct 

We'll be celebrating all things apple walk the gardens



14th Oct

We are excited to be joining Nativ 2 Norfolk in Norwich 


Apple Day 

21st Oct 

Wymondham market pop over and pick up some of our 100% apple cider or get some mulled cider ready for the autumn nights.



4th Nov 

Join in the fun at this years fireworks with loads of stalls, fire breathing.



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